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Hi! I'm Alana!

Mum to Samuel and the founder of This is The Remix.

And that's my dog Galaxia, she's my best friend!


I created this This is The Remix a year after I got diagnosed autistic in December 2020.

I've always been interested in mental health and the way it’s viewed in society. I spent years working on my own mental health and learning about the many ways my different traumas impacted my life. Only after getting a diagnosis and going to therapy I began to recover and grow, and as it happened I realised that there are many people out there who are just like me—and they deserve help and support, too.

That’s how This is The Remix was born, from my special interests in psychiatry, psychology and fashion put together to help women live the life they want with a more positive mindset.

In This is The Remix, the believe is that you should be able to talk about your mental health struggles and diagnoses openly and honestly because having candid and meaningful conversations about mental health can help people make connections between their own experiences and the experiences of others to feel less alone and isolated in their mental health journey. 

I believe that it's important to stay true to yourself while also staying stylish, which is why I create clothing that speaks to pressing issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, perfectionism, and more. With my fashion line in your closet (and hopefully on your body), you can be yourself while also starting conversations that could change someone else's life.

My mission is to help women who have experienced trauma find community, healing, and strength through fashion. By creating edgy, on-point pieces that don't shy away from real issues, I hope to start conversations so that’s why all of my products feature real-life stories of survival, along with funny messages that will make you laugh (or at least smile). Because when you look good, you feel good—and when you feel good, you can take on the world!

This is The Remix is not limited to only hoodies and T-Shirts like most mental health brands are, in my collections you'll find dresses and cute tops as well as high neck jumpers and knits, the idea is to make it fun and different so you wear your heart on your sleeve with style!

All products are printed at my garage home studio on curated garments from Bella+Canvas, Stanley/Stella and Q2, all fare trade and eco-friendly brands. The vinyl used is vegan, CPSIA Certified and PVC-free, The transfers used are made with water based ink by Supacolour UK.

Now, it’s time to slay those demons!