Collection: Where do our products come from?

From the beginning, we've been all about doing fashion in an ethical way. We're taking steps to reduce our eco footprint, and we're proud to do it!

Our T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies are the bomb dot com! We only source from the best - Bella+Canvas - which is legit only available from 2 wholesalers in the whole UK. These babies are high quality superior cotton and made with love and zero sweatshop nonsense all the way in Cali (here's the proof!).

We also source garments from Stanley/Stella an innovative Belgian apparel company producing premium clothing for printing and decorating made of 100% recycled cotton. You can check them out here.

Our high-quality Dresses, Jumpers, and Tops collections are printed on Q2 , a brand that values ethical manufacturing and non-sweatshop environments. They're based in Spain and expect their suppliers to consistently provide an environment which protects their employees health and safety and basic human rights.

All our suppliers are expected to comply with their national employment laws and regulations with particular regard to minimum age of employment, freely chosen employment, health and safety, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, no discrimination, no harsh or inhumane treatment, working hours, rates of pay and terms of employment.

This is The Remix will never knowingly source stock from countries or supliers which are in breach of the above principles. We also look to our suppliers to instil these principles when dealing with their own supplier base.

Because of the sometimes complex nature of our suppliers' supply chain, it is not always possible to monitor and control the conditions of each individual involved in the production of the products we source. However, as This is The Remix continues to grow it recognises the importance of being proactive and doing everything within its power to support the rights of those involved in the manufacture of its goods.

Join us in our mission to do fashion in an ethical way! Discover more of our great collections made for bad*ass women rising from trauma.

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